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FUll automatic rotation type screw covering machine:this machine is mainly used in covering screwing and pressing for large quantity of filled bottles.It consists of three parts including automatic cover handling,automatic cover adding,automatic cover screwing and pressing.It has such advantages as advanced structure,stable operation,convenient operation,high production efficiency.

Hook type covering machine:It is a rather simple covering device specially made for PET bottles,It may effectively solve the problem of damaging the bottles.

Cover screwing and pressing machine:It has combined two functions including cover screwing and cover pressing,the operation is rather simple and reliable.Automatic tightening and slide function is precisely designed,Its distinction is that after tightening of the covers,the covers may slide automatically,therefore the covers can be effectively protected.

Covering machine for middle size barrels:It is specially designed for plastic or iron barrels of about 20L,it includes covering machine for plastic barrels,covering machine for elliptic barrels,opening tightening machine for iron barrels.

Opening tightening machine:opening tightening machine for iron barrel with rain prevention and theft prevention covers.

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