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GN-ZD Weighing type of barrel filling line

GN-ZD Weighing type of barrel filling line

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Multi-head(3,4,6,8)weighing automatic measuring fixed amount filling production line of our co can automatically fill 5-30 kg barrels.It can be used for filling of medium size and large size barrels of all sods of viscous and non-viscous,erosive and non-erosive liquid,the filling is of high precision,high automation level,the opertion is stable.

 Double speed filling heads are national patented product of our co.Patent no.:972356762.

 High & Iow speed can be optionally set,you may operate it freely.

 METTLER TOLEDO weighing meterand sensor introduced from U.S.A.areapplied.

 It has function of automatic tare elimination,the gross weight of filling can beset.

 It has data communication connection,can be connected with other machine,it may realize

functions of data exchange,production statistics,report printing,etc.

 All operation can be fulfilled on touch screen,supervision,operation instruction,etc.can also be shown ontouch screen.

 It has automatic input liquid level controller.

 It has distinct functions of gas-exit cover pressing,iron barrel opening tightening,etc.

 Heap type roller way output.

ParametersUnitGN-ZD series 
Filling volumeKg30
Filling consumptionKw2.

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